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Jul 12, 2009

My Sonic Friend

Last week I was able to spend 5 days watching Seth and Tessa while Tiffani and Spencer went to California. When ever Tiffani picks me up from the airport she always asks if I want a Sonic. I told her I didn't want one this time because I wanted to go to her house and be with the kids. The next morning after everyone woke up, Tiffani said...Mom do you want a Sonic? Of course I said yes, so Tiffani said to the kids, come on guys let's go to Sonic with Apple Jul, do you want a chocolate milk? So we packed up the kids all of us in our pajamas (because we weren't going to be getting out of the car) and went to Sonic. This is a picture of my friend Juan. I'm trying to remember how long I've known him, I think 4 years. Anyway, he said I could take his picture with my favorite drink in his hand. See you next time Juan!

Jul 2, 2009

100 Random things that make me happy..not in order of importance!

1. Scott
2. My kids and their spouses
3. Seth, Tessa and Kali
4. Rainy days
5. A fire in the fireplace
6. smell of wet cement after a good rain
7. smell of freshly cut grass
8. sweet peas
9. being with extended family
10. lightening and thunder storms
11. freshly painted room
12. watching movies with grand kids on our bed
13. cute flip flops
14. pedicures
15. Scott and I riding our street bike
16. smell of the ocean
17. fresh haircut
18. chicken cordon bleu
19. chicken won ton soup
20. gardening
21. my porch swing
22. my prescription sunglasses
23. rocking chair
24. listening to music
25. going to the movies
26. Church on Sunday
27. The temple
28. hearing from old friends
29. puppy breath
30. smell of baby lotion on a newborn
31. diet coke
32. french toast
33. camping
34. camp fires
35. freshly washed sheets
36. philosophy-grace body lotion
37. playing the piano
38. reading
39. massages
40. hummingbirds
41. Talking on the phone to family and friends
42. American Idol
43. shaved legs
44. Disneyland
45. Sleep
46. My cat..throttle
47. Hawaii
48.Pictures and Memories
49. Reading Blogs
50. Traveling
51. Fishing and actually catching a fish
52. Having conversations with people I don't know
53. Golden Spoon frozen yogurt, favorite flavor... Tart Mango
54. The Smell of Pine trees
55. Fresh cleaned carpets
56. The blowing of our fan while I'm asleep, even if it's cold
57. Holding hands with my Hubby
58. A good foot rub
59. A fluffy pillow and a warm fuzzy blanket
60. Tangerines
61. New Garments
62. Christmas
63. A clean house
64. A Shower after camping
65. Round Table Pizza
66. Mexican Food
67. People Magazine
68. The play "Wicked"
69. The play "Les Miserable"
70. Collecting clocks
71. Food in the House
72. Cows
73. Mr. Pickles sandwich...called "Pulp Fiction"
74. Red Vines at the movies
75. Finding a good parking place
76. Nice People
77. Chips and Salsa
78. Homemade dinner rolls
79. Being nice to others
80. Hot Chocolate
81. My friends at Sonic
82. Snow covered mountains
83. Homemade bread
84. Singing harmony
85. The sound of a strumming guitar
86. Hugs from my grandbabies
87. Knowing my kids are happy and okay
88. Recording a show and being able to skip through
the commercials
89. When people are nice back
90. The sound of someone whistling
91. When my husband winks at me
92. Having my clothes feeling looser
93. Having my teeth just cleaned
94. Having a good hair day
95. My husband texting me through the day
96. Laughing
97. Doing something Spontaneous
98. Able to forgive and being forgiven back
99. Reading my scriptures
100. The smell of men's colognes, Brut and Old Spice ( they remind me
of my Dad and Grandpa)