est. 1981

May 6, 2009

My Sugar Daddy

Scott and I took a trip to Las Vegas to watch the Motorcross finals. Scott had a suprise up his sleeve. He surprised me with a couples massage in our hotel room. I couldn't believe it. We were going to go to the movies after that ...but it didn't happen we were way too relaxed! Thank you Honey! We had our best friends, Patti and Jim meet us there. It was fun to just good food with good company.

Back Seat Rider

We took our first road trip a couple of Saturday's ago and we had a really good time! Yes, it was chilly enough to be wearing a parka...We rode about 140 miles round trip and saw some beautiful country! I didn't even get sore! There was lots of winding roads and I got "car sick" I don't get car sick! We stopped along the road for me to throw up and a highway patrolman pulled up and asked if we were okay. Scott told him I was car sick...and he said "car sick on a motorcycle?" THEY both had a good laugh. We stopped along the way and had a really good cheeseburger with garlic french fries Scott doesn't like garlic so I ate those. We look forward to more road trips ahead!