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Apr 22, 2009

A New Member of the Family...

Our family loves dirt bike riding...that means in the dirt where you think there's going to be only a few chance of getting hurt...When Scott was 13 he was out in the middle of no where riding his dirt bike...riding up over this hill..he hit probably the only other rider around .. HEAD ON...breaking both his wrist. Now being a 13 year old..having cast on both arms he had to ask for help with everything. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. So where am I going with this new member of our family thing? Thank goodness, none of our family has ever had a serious injury with dirt bike riding. Over the years, our boys have made comments, that someday they were going to buy a street bike. We warned them that if they did, they were going to have to move out and that they would be disowned! :) A few years ago Scott and I took a trip to Tucson to see my sister Jackie...We rode a Harley. The kids threw fits at that, but we figured..our kids are grown..we've gotten older..less impulsive..safer riders and so on. It was fun but we were so sore after a 200 mile round trip ride. Since then, we have rented a gold wing which is a Comfortable bike..Harley's are not comfortable..(sorry harley riders) and I thought..I could go on trips with one of these. Well Scott hasn't let me forget that..he's been wanting a gold wing since. Since we've moved up to Northern CA it's pretty much year round riding..not like AZ where 5 to 6 months out of the's too HOT! So he's been looking..Well he found one! It's not a's not a's a Kawasaki Nomad..I don't know what that means, but it does have a comfortable seat on the back...oh yeah.. it's navy blue my favorite color, so we agreed and Scott bought it..So we've got to come up with a name for her...Yes, it's a her..I think it sounds better being a her...she's Sweet..gentle..slower...and softer. She does need a name to be an official a member of our if anybody has any ideas, let me know. Oh yeah..our daughter called to night and said...what the heck are you guys doing. We had sent her a picture from our cell phone. We still don't want any of our kids to buy a street bike...PLEASE!!! But to be honest..I trust Scott totally..he's a good, slow, safe rider...oh yeah..when your an owner of any off road or on road bike..they don't drive a bike..they ride a bike...they aren't drivers but riders...We are taking our first short RIDE on Saturday..I'm actually really excited...

Apr 21, 2009

A Deer Caught in the Headlights

Scott and I now live in Northern CA. It's SO beautiful here. Last Sunday, we took a drive and came upon 3 deers in a meadow. If you look real close you can see one of the deers, the only one that stuck around to allow me to take her picture. She had no fear, she just stood there even after we drove away. This isn't the first time we've seen one around here..there are even signs on the freeway warning you to look out for deer. There is also live stock, cattle, goats, sheep, horses, grazing along the lucious green hills surrounding the town we live in. When Scott and I see them, we say, lucky cows, happy cows...because they are lucky to be living in an area where there is so much green grass to eat. Lucky Scott, Happy Julie, we are so lucky to live in an area where we can enjoy so much beauty. Now if we could only get our kids here, it would be so perfect.