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Jun 24, 2009

BEWARE! ..keep reading, several postings below

Stinson Beach...Scotts entry
After riding solo for the last thirty years on dirt bikes, I find my self riding a full size cruiser through the back roads of wine country in Northern Calif. I raised my children on off road motorcycles riding the desert in the winter and the mountain trails in the summer. I always dreamed of passing on this legacy to my family as my dad introduced me to the sport at the age of 10.

Our family enjoyed camping and riding with good friends and family….even an occasional off road race or motocross. My wife and I always preached the virtues of safety, and by no means will any of us (especially the teenage boys) ride a street bike.

Well here I am, empty nesting with my wife Julie, living in Gods Country. I consider this new adventure into riding a street bike a joint venture. One day when driving around looking at real-estate, Julie spotted this bike on a lonely road next to a railroad track with a for sale sign. I said to her” Some day”…..she poked me and said, “Lets check it out. The partnership began.

Now we can’t resist jumping on together and going for a cruise to see what remote beach or fun little back road through the redwoods we can find. There is one big difference though that I am experiencing. For the first time I'm riding with a full time passenger.

This brings on a new venue to riding for both of us. The most obvious is the idea that I am totally responsible for controlling the wellbeing of Julie, as well as myself. This takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to staying in tune with my surroundings. I love the fact that she enjoys this new way of life and trusts me so much. There is nothing like cruising down a stretch of highway and having her reach around me and give a big squeeze to let me know how cool this is. It’s quite a rush to feel this close after many years of marriage and raising three great kids into adulthood.

Riding the bike has brought to us a renewed sense of the beauty of the open road. There’s something about leaving the house, cruising down a remote pathway, and feeling every change in temperature and smelling every inch of the open air. From cool eucalyptus trees to the smell of the salty ocean, to the fragrant open grass fields, the senses are alive.

I know we will keep hearing from our adult kids about how Mom and Dad have gone crazy, and how worried they are about us being on the road. But I don’t think we will ever stop our little Suarez with our new found hobby. It’s just too much fun!

Every time I tell a non rider about our cruises , I can see the envy in their eyes and how much they wish they had a companion that would call them at work and say” Our date night is gonna' be a ride to the beach for clam chowder”. Now that’s what I call living!

So the next time we go for a cruise and I push back into my riding partner and she pats my shoulder: I’ll try to remember why we kept telling our kids not to ride in the street. We love it, and who cares what the kids say!

Some BIG Shoes to Fill..

Tessa and Seth 2009
Happy Father's Day Popeye!
Scott received this picture from Tiffani's kiddos for Father's Day. Scott bawled. In his old age,
he says he's become quite the boob...I call it being sensitive...anyway, he loved it. He appreciated all of you kids calling him and wishing him a Happy Father's Day..He LOVES his family!
(the kids are wearing dirt bike boots)
It's hard to read the bottom, so here's what it says.
These shoes are too big on me, as you can plainly see. But even when I am grown, they will still be big on me. The reason is quite simple, I'm sure you will agree, no one can fill these shoes quite like my popeye.

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Today, I got a text from Tiffani saying, it's 110 outside...HELP ME! She makes me laugh. I texted her back saying, you don't want to know what it is here..and she wrote back...please don't. Little did she know, it was 5pm and it was 59 degress outside! I took a picture of the temp on our rear view mirror (oh yeah and I was also going South)..That's the one thing I don't miss about Arizona...

Time Flies..

Who would have known? After seeing Kristin's blog, I realized that she and Mitch were celebrating their 3rd anniversary. I'm not very good about remembering anniversaries..(sorry) anyway I was looking through some old photos and found these two pictures of them. Kristin had come down to visit Mitch, so we had a day at Canyon Lake. We didn't know it at the time how serious they were : )
3 years have gone by fast, haven't they? Aren't they cute?!
We feel so blessed to have Kristin in our family., she's a REALLY good mom and she truly loves our Mitch. We love you ! Happy Anniversary!

Jun 22, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!

We are soooo excited...this is a picture of our new home...we will be moving in around the first of August. Since February, Scott and I have been living in a small one bedroom apartment. It was okay at first, but Scott has missed his garage, and I've missed having a garden. All of our "stuff " has been in storage, minus a few things like, a couch, table, bed, dresser, TV and that's about it. We feel really blessed to buy this house. We have been looking since the end of February, but everything we looked at sold! Here in our area, homes are selling left and right and we got tired of playing the biding war games. A family in our ward is moving and asked if we were interested so they wouldn't have to put it on the market. It's a blessing for both of us, they have helped us and we've helped them. Anyway, plenty of room...if you want to come for a visit, we now have room... after the 1st of August that is. We would love the company!

Jun 18, 2009

Beecroft Reunion 2009

Silly Siblings
(L to R) Julie, Lisa, Pam, Jackie, Debi and Jon
In May, my 5 siblings and and I and our families had our first Family Reunion since both our parents passed away. I didn't realize there was so many of us. It's amazing to see what can happen when two people fall in love. There is a total of 83 of us, minus 7 not being able to attend. I think it turned out perfect. We first started the Reunion with a family baptism of our brother Jon's youngest child, Rebecca. There was no doubt in my mind that Mom and Dad were in attendance as well, the spirit was sweet and assuring. We then enjoyed a picnic at the beach including warm weather. The next day was Sunday, and everybody pretty much did what they wanted to do. Scott and our kids, minus Brittney and Dustin..(they couldn't come, due to a visit to the emergency room, regarding a sick Brittney, everything is okay now) so we were able to visit with Scott's Mom and Dad. We then met up at Debi and John church meeting house, where we enjoyed a memorable DVD that Lisa had put together, it was awesome! We then had a potluck dinner and fun and games. Monday morning (Memorial Day) we attended the annual 5k Beecroft run. Our Dad started this tradition 29 years ago when he was Stake President. We were able to wear our matching Beecroft T-shirts, Some of us ran and some us walked (me)...and we then went back to the beach. It was really nice to be together and to see our families enjoying each others company. That evening some of the family, went to John Lassen's brothers house for a dip in their pool. The next day some of the families spent the day at Disneyland. I really look forward to doing this again, hopefully we won't let too much time pass by.

Jun 3, 2009

Looks yucky huh?
Helmet hair and oysters. The worst part of riding on our cruiser is having helmet hair. I don't even do my hair before we go for a ride because it's going to be flat anyway. I ate BBQ oysters and they were delicious!
Scott giving it a try...He loved it!
mmm..all gone..We should have ordered more!