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Nov 2, 2009

My Bounteous Blessings...

I've enjoyed over the last year reading others making lists of things they are grateful for. So for this month of November, I'm going to make my list.. this is not necessarily to benefit others, although I don't mind you reading it or else I wouldn't have put it on here : ) but to help remind me of how truly grateful I am to have these people and things in my life!
Catching up...
As you've noticed, I'm not very good at blogging everyday. So it's Sunday evening and I'm going
to catch up..bear with me..
#7 Scott's job...

This is what Scott does for a living...He feeds these baby chicks..millions of them. He doesn't feed them literally, but he runs the feed mills that makes sure they get fed.

#6 Ray and Peggy...
Ray and Peggy have played a big part of our families lives. In the last 29 years, we've pretty much spent every Christmas and Thanksgiving together. They have always been supportive and would try and make as many of our kids activities as possible. Scott is such a good son. He loves his parents dearly and is always concerned about their well being. They have been really good to me, I have always felt their love and will always be grateful for raising such a good person, their son...Scott. Scott's Dad has always been a dotting husband to Peggy, he treats her like a princess,
and Scott follows his example...that's how he
treats me..I love you Peggy and Ray...thank you for've been greats parents to me..your daughter Julie

#5 My Family...

I'm so grateful to be apart of this family. I'm so blessed to have them in my life..I love you so much, Debi, Pam, Lisa, Jackie and Jon.
Thank you for your love and support. I know Mom and Dad are close by and are proud of the things we are striving to do in our lives...Love you ALL !

#4 OUR 3 Little Monkey's...2 more on the way!
We LOVE being Grandparents..I'm Apple Jul and Scott is Popeye.
SETH is funny, SMART, a quick learner...silly, determined, strong willed, cautious, a big helper, adorable, a real natural at sports...(just like his Daddy)...he loves waffles and DVD's he likes to stay busy and have fun..he's our Sethers and our MR. We love this little boy!
TESSA is spunky, determined, sassy, girlie, a dare devil, snuggle bug, hilarious, loves her thumb and silky, a big helper,Tessa LOVES
vegetables..(amazing) she loves her brother..she's brave and a princess! Tessa is known to walk around with her hand on her hip. She's our Tessa bear..we adore this little girl! KALI is a snuggle bug, she's willing to try new things, She has BIG BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES and her Mommy's RED hair. She loves to talk on the phone, being a princess She loves Cottage Cheese all by it's self for breakfast...she's a good eater. she loves animals, likes to be outside.. loves to be around her cousins, spunky, funny, cautious and a real SWEETHEART! She is our Kali Girl,we love this little girl!

#3 Our 3 other kids.

We are so grateful to have these kids part of our lives. We hope they all know how much we love each of them!

How did we get so lucky to have Kristin? We love this girl! And she has red hair...I LOVE REDHEADS! We didn't know it at the time...but Mitch and Kristin met in seminary class in Turlock. We met her once and then we moved to AZ. After we had lived there a while, she and Mitch started talking again. Things became more serious and Kristin came down for a visit. We went to the Lake and had a fun day. When Mitch said he wanted to marry her...things started to roll along. Kristin is beautiful...both inside and out. She's has a funny and witty personality. She's really smart! Tenderhearted, thoughtful, sweet, kind, fun, and a GREAT mommy, she loves our Mitchell and knows how to put him in his place :o) hard worker, sets her mind to something...and she gets it. She's a peer parenting person..who helps parents who have children in the foster system do the things they need to do to help get their children back into their homes. We are proud of you Kristin, we love you soooo much!
One of Brittney's favorite words is SWEEEET! We she is sweeeet, I love this picture of Brittney..all snuggled up trying to get warm. We met Brittney before Dustin did. We were very impressed with her...she was spunky and fun. The first time we saw her, Scott and I both said..gosh, I wish Dustin could meet her. Dustin was then attending some single adult activities the same one that Brittney was going to. We didn't know that at the time. I guess Brittney had her eye on him, and him her. One night he was talking on the phone, and he said her name is Brittney...and all of a sudden, it clicked...son, ask her if she knows Dad and I...and sure was her...Brittney's kind, thoughtful, fun to be with, sensitive, a hard worker, very intuitive, would do anything for you, and she loves our Dustin. We looooooove yooooou Brittney...

Spencer is a Cutie Pie..I still remember where I was when I heard about Spencer. Tiffani was living in Mesa, with my sister Lisa. Tiffani swore Lisa to secrecy when they went on their 2nd date. Well Lisa called and did some hinting around and then came out and told me. I was so excited! We are so grateful that Spencer saw the gem that Tiffani is. It didn't take long and they were getting married. Spencer is smart, (he's working towards getting into law-school) he's fun,a great athlete, easy going, handsome, a hard worker, affectionate, a wonderful Dad to his kiddos & sensitive. He adores our Tiffani and is a calming force in her spazziness(sorry Tiff). Scott says he appreciates Spencer not making fun of how he golfs. : ) We are very proud of you Spencer, and hope you know how much we love you.

#1 My Blessing in Disguise...

ISN'T HE CUTE?!!! I love this man..I am so grateful for him! I adore him, I trust him, I admire him and I cherish him. The other night we were talking about how we can see my self confidence coming back after having some really dark hours these last few years. I told him that a good portion of my self confidence comes from him...a day never goes by without him telling me how much he lovs me and how beautiful I am, that means a lot to me. Although I've had to work these things out with my Heavenly Father, he has been there to hold me up...he's my pillar of strength..I couldn't have done it without him, I can't do it without him. He's the man I was supposed to marry..the Lord knew who I needed to go through my life with ..through the eternities with. We love talking and texting several times a day...when he's out of town for the week, I miss him terribly.. When I call him, or he calls me...he says...Hi Sweet...I love that. He's the best husband EVER! He's a great Dad, our kids love and admire him. He's always been the Disneyland Dad...while Mom was pretty much the disciplinarian. :) (someone had to do it) Anyway...Scott I'm your number one fan..I love you Honey!

#2 The Apples of my Eye...

I love being a Mom. Having a relationship with my kids has always been one of my very top priorities. They are my greatest treasures! They are each their own's amazing that with the same parents and pretty much the same up bringing they are individually their own.

Tiffani our oldest... is a sweetheart, thoughtful, kind, witty, compassionate, dependable, tender, and forgiving...she walks in a room and people stop to look because she is so stunningly beautiful...on the inside and out. Since she was little she has always wanted to be a mommy..and she is a GREAT one at that. I love you so much Tiff...I'm so grateful for the friendship we have, it means so much to me. Thank you for being one of my pillars as have been such a great strength to me...You'll always be my little girl.
Dustin our oldest son loyal, tenderhearted, compassionate, a good listener, caring, funny, the life of a party, artistic, creative, sensitive, a deep thinker, he easily forgives and is a good friend. Dustin likes people and people like him. He genuinely cares about people and has empathy and concern. He's a very low key, go with the flow kind of a guy. We ALL need Dustin's in our lives, I think we would slow down and smell the roses a lot more often. Since he was a baby, he has had this light in his eyes...and with that he can walk in a room and light it up. He's adorable. He loves kids and will make a great dad some day. He's a real cutie pie..I love you son, I love to kiss that sweet face...even when it's hairy.
Mitchell, my baby...he came into this world big, (my 10 pounder)he's a big kid with a big heart! I always tell him and the other kids, he was my best baby. He was a mama's boy, always on my hip with his thumb and pink silky. (sorry Mitch) He was easily comforted. He's loyal, trustworthy, focused, driven, creative, lovable, huggable, sensitive, VERY intelligent, and somebody you can trust your life with. He's a great Daddy and you can tell he loves his little girl. Mitchell is handsome, eye candy if you want to come right down to it. I love you Mitch, I love your hugs, I feel your strength in them. I love you so much son, you mean more to me then you'll ever know.