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Sep 11, 2008

Love those baby feet !

I have always loved baby feet and hands. Their cute little toes and the dimples on their hands. I've also had them done with plaster of paris so I won't forget how little they were in years to come. I have placed them in my garden as stepping stones so I can be reminded of their sweet little hands and feet.

Our Grand Kids..(left to right) Tessa, Seth & Kali

I have enjoyed looking at other peoples blogs and decided to start one myself. The only problem is..that my house needs some attention and I want to blog ALL day!

As I'ved mentioned before..Scott and I really enjoy being with our grandkids. Seth and Tessa are Tiffani and Spencers kids and Kali is Mitchells and Kristin's. People sometimes say that the best part of grandparenting is that you get to play, play, play and then you get to send them home. Not so in our house, we like to have them over whenever possible. They love to read books, do puzzles,
ride bikes, swing, take walks, running errands, gardening, playing pbs kids on the commuter, watching disney movies on our bed while eating macaroni & cheese, top ramen, corn dogs, french toast, chocolate milk and chicken nuggets with TV trays while they are watching their movies. It's not the most healthy diet but what else can I say, they are fun to spoil.

Our grandparent names are Pop Pop for Scott and Apple Jul for me. I'm sure your asking how I got my name...Seth is the first born so he pretty much paves the way to what our names are going to be for everyone else. I originally wanted to be called Grandma Jul, but he couldn't say Grandma, so it came out apple so I am Apple Jul and I LOVE it!