est. 1981

Oct 31, 2008

Do you think there
could be a bigger
corn dog?

She still managed
to eat most of it!

Seth the Mexican
Spider Man

Peek a boo...
I see you...

Oct 30, 2008

Seth making silly
pumpkin faces..

Tessa the Wonder Woman

Fall is finally here!

Kali's baby blue eyes...
just like her daddy...
aren't they beautiful?

Moto Head Pop Pop

Scott got the chance to ride in a national enduro and finished 12th in his class out of 42 riders. Not bad for a 47 year old. Scott loves to ride single track, the tougher the better. He is so glad that winter is coming. Some are glad for Basketball season...for Scott it is Moto season! So anytime you come to Arizona, bring your scotter and we will go tear up the delicate eco-system known as wide open riding!

Oct 29, 2008

A New Beginning...

I wasn't going to tell anybody about my new transformation...but..decided to share. About ten years ago, I lost 130 lbs. Then in the last year or so, I've put about 50 of those lbs.back on. I've tried several times to loose those 50 lbs and felt quite discouraged because it didn't matter what amount of weight I lost, or exercising I did, the dreaded bulge from the excessive weight loss would never go away. So I went to a plastic surgeon who said the only way to get rid of it would be to have a tummy tuck...Yep...and so I did it...the surgery was on October 2nd..and within a 3 hour period of time, I lost 10lbs of excessive skin and fat. If you can only imagine having a 10 lb baby laying horizontal at the bottom of your tummy...and never being able to deliver...but now it's all gone. Yipeeeee! It's been 4 weeks tomorrow October 30th. The recovery was a little tuff for about 2 weeks but as soon as the Dr. gave the okay, I've been back on the treadmill walking 3 miles. I still have a hard time holding my grandbabies for long periods of time...Those first 2 weeks I couldn't do any lifting what so ever..not even housework Ohhhhh..dang. So there it is a before and after picture...I'm so glad I did it!

Hours before the surgery..October 2nd

8 days later...October 10th