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Aug 15, 2011

The MANY Faces of Scott Herron

Okay... SO...My husband needed a "head shot" for a work picture and this morning he asked me to take "one". As soon as I started to click the camera , of course he became a ham and I took several funny poses while we laughed together. Now...when I first met Scott, he had a really funny sense of humor which I absolutely loved about him (he still does) but over the last 30 years, I'm going to be very honest here, it kind of became an irritant to me...I DON'T know why, just busy with kids, busy with life and the comedy always seemed to come at the most inappropriate time. But as the kids have left home, I've become a lot more relaxed & less irritated and I have come to enjoy this humorous side of him again...(ohhh and he loves that I'm starting to laugh at him again!) He doesn't like to give me an open mouth smile, he prefers his "no teeth" smile and is always fighting me when I say PLEASE smile with you teeth showing! It's usually NO...but this morning he gave me one! He asked me to e-mail him my favorite one for his work photo and I was really surprised because I of course picked the open mouth smile! Here are a few of his playful shots he gave me..LOVE THEM ALL, but of course had to send the most appropriate one for work. I love my husband, it's nice after 30 years to fall in love all over again and to remember ONE of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place...ENJOY! If you feel like it, tell me which one is your favorite...Oh and we enjoy watching Project Runway together and he loves TIM GUNN and does a PERFECT impersonation of him!

His official Mug Shot (no he's never had one)

The one he let me take for his work photo...LOOOVE IT !
(done in my opera voice!)

The smile he always takes...which I love too...cutie pie...
Being a good listener pose...

His Tim Gunn pose...adjusting his glasses while saying..
okay to me...

Trying to make a decision pose...(love this one too, because
my Dad used to place his finger beside his nose like this
and it reminds me of him)

Another Tim Gunn pose...while deciding wether he likes the design of the clothing or not..OHH and he's not going to be happy with me posting these, but oh least he'll know how much I've come to love this funny side of him...again...

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Lissa said...

I LOVE you guys!!!!

I never really noticed that he didn't like to smile with his teeth showing(hmm...sounds like Sethers).

I love the one of him holding his glasses..too funny and dead on!