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Aug 23, 2011

Another day at the Zoo - Official Members

Kali in "HER" playhouse

Before we went to the Zoo, Kali talked her Mom into coming up into the playhouse with her...Kristin was a good sport and did it

Mitch giving Marshall a ride

Sneaking in some grandma kisses

Trying to find the animal

Marshall found a stick to chew on...good for the immune system :o)

The BEST part of the Zoo...feeding the giraffe, Aubrey...Kali getting all the information needed to feed the Giraffe

She had NO fear what so ever

Giving us the tongue

You weren't allowed to touch her, but it sure was tempting

Kali with her look of satisfaction

Aubrey's baby...7 month old Daniel

Couldn't get enough of looking at her

Loving the Pink Flamingo's... FYI did you know flamingos are pink because of the shrimp they eat...and they stand on one leg to conserve their body heat while they rest...

It was feeding time for the elephant so we got to see them up close, Popeye and Kali girl

Walking around enjoying the weather and the beautiful scenery of the zoo

Apple Jul and the female lion...the male was camouflaged in the grass

Kali wanted a picture with the silverback

This Gorilla was hilarious...he was on his back spread eagle, showing all his glory, with his arms over his eyes enjoying the sun

Enjoying her sleigh ride, she couldn't get enough of this

Enjoying the train your dinosaur show, up close and personal

Another fearful trainer

When he first came out Kali was fine, but look at Marshall scooting back towards Kristin, he was truly scared

He was roaring at Kali and Marshall

taking a rest

Father like son...we had a lot of fun, we bought a membership that allows us and all our grandkids in for free for a whole year...we look forward towards more visits ahead

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